David: Storms around all week

(WVUE) - The typical summertime pattern continues with warm days and a daily chance for rain. While much of the day will be dry, a few heavy downpours are possible, especially in the afternoon. If you do get caught in one of those storms, expect heavy rain and lightning.

Temperatures won't be extreme by August standards with highs around 90 and lows in the middle and upper 70s.

Another summer cold front may approach the area early next week and that could make it extra stormy. It's too early to say if this will make it into the Gulf of Mexico or simply stall over the area. Right now the odds are for it to stall over us and continue our wet summer pattern.

Franklin is expected to make landfall overnight near Veracruz, Mexico with no impact on our weather. Another disturbance over the Atlantic may develop this weekend but is expected to stay well to our east.

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