Outgoing S&WB director to make 175K a year in retirement

Outgoing S&WB director to make 175K a year in retirement

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There is new information regarding the retirement of outgoing Sewerage and Water Board Director Cedric Grant.

On Tuesday, Grant submitted his notice to retire to Mayor Mitch Landrieu after he admitted he didn't give accurate information about the system's pumping capacity during Saturday's flooding.

His retirement takes effect Nov. 20. Grant will make a little more than $175,000 a year from his pension with the city.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office told us that grant will also continue his health care coverage under the water board's group plan.

Grant released a statement Tuesday that read, in part:

"I came to the SWB in August of 2014 to turn it around.  For over 40 years in my career, I have prided myself on being a competent manager and turning around organizations.  And while we have made a huge amount of progress upgrading our physical infrastructure and transforming our internal systems, much more needs to be done to bring it to the 21st century.  It was clear then and is clear now that there is a lack of confidence from the public in the system's abilities. We cannot have that lack of confidence, which is why we are not only fixing the system every day, we are working overhaul the internal workings of the organization.

"Rather than be a distraction to the hard work of fixing the system, earlier today, I notified the Mayor of my retirement later this fall. It is also clear to me that there are additional personnel actions that are needed to restore confidence in this organization. I look forward to helping our Mayor, this Council and the Board identify what specifically needs to be done to rebuild this organization and our critical infrastructure."

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