Mid City restaurant cooking up a flood plan

Mid City restaurant cooking up a flood plan

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The crew at Wakin' Bakin' on Banks Street in Mid City is back in business after their kitchen was swamped with a foot of water on Saturday.

"It was a normal Saturday all day, 2:30 we were getting ready to close and by 4:30 I had to turn the power off. It was just so fast, two of our three delivery drivers cars got flooded. One of them lives across the street and he just didn't know it was raining that hard until he got out and it was too late," said Conrad Chura, co-owner of the restaurant.

Chura and his partner, Zachary Pizzeck, cleaned the restaurant Sunday and reopened Monday morning, losing only a pastry cooler. But Thursday's potential flooding threat has the pair on edge.

"It just makes my stomach kind of sick, gives me that worrisome feeling. It feels like we dodged a bullet. We got very, very lucky here," Pizzeck said.

"I kind of flinch when it rains a little bit. I'm still nervous," Chura said.

Now they're hoping to get some supplies to keep any potential flood out of the restaurant.

"We plan on trying to get to the store and get a water pump, maybe some cinder blocks or some sandbags. But the potential if anything does happen, we'll be prepared to stop it the best we can," Pizzeck said.

"I mean now we know at least. Now it's not a surprise, no one can be upset that it rains a lot, but at least I got a warning today and we can take measures today and protect ourselves as best we can," Chura said.

There's no love lost with pumps, but thanks to that warning, the Wakin' Bakin' guys hope they wake Friday morning with only bacon on the mind.

"You can't get upset about everything. You got to do what you can do to make this situation right and hope that they're doing the same thing on their end," Chura said.

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