Juan's World: Brees' helmet slam

Juan's World: Brees' Helmet Slam

(WVUE) - Wait...What? Helmet Slam? By Drew Brees? That can't be right but it's how I'm starting this edition of Juan's World, so welcome in.

The normally cool, calm and collected Drew Brees...Captain Saint...The heartbeat of a franchise that's looked to be on life support the past three seasons, losing his cool? Well, it's about time.

If the players that are protecting him up-front don't respond the right way, then somethings wrong. Or in coaches speak, these guys need to play for their quarterback because for over a decade now, he's made all of them look better than they really are.

I sure hope Brees plays Sunday night in Los Angeles because 'then' we'll see if Mr. Saint actually got his point across. Some how I think he has.

Juan's World, Juan's World...Excellent!!!

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