Mayor: Turbine repaired, all 26 generators have arrived in New Orleans

Mayor: Turbine repaired, all 26 generators have arrived in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Mayor Mitch Landrieu said Monday the turbine damaged on Wednesday night is running after being successfully repaired and gradually brought back online.

All 26 generators ordered for additional capacity and redundancy have arrived and are being connected. Crews are still working to bring eighteen of these generators into service.

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has brought in third-party technical assistance to establish a plan and process for how to return the three downed turbines to service and how to acquire additional equipment for backup power sources such as generators, transformers, feeders and other equipment.

They are also looking into how to fix the broken pumps as soon as possible and to determine the true capacity of the working pumps. City leaders are also in the process of reallocating funds to increase capacity to clean and repair more catch basins and drain lines.

Drainage Pumps

According to the S&WB, there are currently 103 of the 120 pumps available to be operational in the event of heavy rainfall. The 17 pumps that are out of service are being assessed for emergency repairs, and the pumps that are operational are being assessed to determine their capacity. At this time, five different contractors are beginning work around the clock to fix the pumps that are out of service.

S&WB has posted a status update of the pumps on its website. In response to recent rain events on July 22 and August 5, S&WB has provided to the public Drainage Pumping Station Logs and the Central Control Log Book. Those items are available at

Sandbags Available for Pick-Up

In anticipation of inclement weather today, sandbags are available at two new locations, the intersection of Elysian Fields Avenue and I-610, and S. Broad Avenue and Poydras Street. Sandbags are no longer being offered at Perdido Street and S. Lopez Street.

Preparing for High Water

NOPD has staged barricades in the following areas prone to flooding, including under overpasses around the city. At this time, the City also has high water vehicles and other response vehicles on hand in the event that flooding occurs.

  • Paris Avenue and Gentilly Boulevard
  • St. Bernard Avenue at I-610
  • Franklin Avenue at I-610
  • Gentilly Boulevard and Peoples Avenue
  • Press Drive and Leon C. Simon Drive
  • Broad Street and A.P. Tureaud Street
  • City Park Pumping Station
  • Canal Boulevard and Navarre Street
  • Tulane Avenue and S. Carrollton Avenue
  • Metairie Road at I-10

Residents should call 911 to report street flooding and life-threatening emergencies. Residents are advised to remain indoors during heavy rainfall. Residents should call 311 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for non-emergency services and general information. 311 will maintain these hours daily at this time. The City's Emergency Operations Center will remain open and staffed until further notice.

At this time, drinking water and sewerage services for all of the city are unaffected by this outage. The generators being secured will provide additional redundancy for those systems as well.


The Orleans Parish Schools (OPSB) and Recovery School District (RSD) have announced that school campuses opened starting today, Monday, August 14. In light of the city's announcement that the Sewerage and Water Board (SWB) power turbine that was taken out of commission due to a fire has been fixed, school programs may resume as previously scheduled at all Orleans Parish school sites.

For a list of the first days of school for each campus head to

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