Another S&WB member considers resigning

Another S&WB member considers resigning

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Another Sewerage and Water Board member said Monday that he is considering resigning over serious concerns about the entity.

Water board member Alan Arnold said he is worried about the shortage of leadership. The 10-member board is now short four members. Two resigned prior to the recent flooding controversy, and two others resigned after.

The board met Monday afternoon to discuss how the city will pay for its compromised drainage system. The governor and the mayor declared a state of emergency for Orleans Parish.

"I've not resigned yet because I know how hard [S&WB Director] Cedric [Grant] has worked," Arnold said. "I read his comments and the idea that he said, 'I talked about what I was told.' I've run some organizations and I rely on subordinates, and a time like that, what are you supposed to do if you're told something and you relay that to the public? I think the way that was done, and he was relieved as quickly as he was, I think there should have been more time to discuss what really happened, and I think the board members should have had input on him being fired. But I respect the mayor. It was an emergency, he had to jump in. It's his baby right now. The board is almost sitting here wondering, what are we going to do? We're missing four or five members, and we have no leadership."

The city says the turbine that was damaged last week during a fire has been repaired and is now running, and 26 generators have also been brought in to provide additional power to the pumps in an emergency.

A third party has been brought in to work on the three other turbines that are still down,

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