Around the NFL: Need to See, OBJ preseason edition

Around the NFL: Need to See, OBJ preseason edition

(WVUE) - The first week of the NFL Preseason didn't see too many highlights from team's starters, much less superstars but nonetheless, Odell Beckham, Jr. has found a way to show off his skills.

While he spent the first week of training camp dribbling a football soccer-style, he reverted back to one-handed catches just in time for the Giants' preseason opener:

Back at camp Sunday, he casually took a chance at a one-hander after a play was already whistled dead:

The following day, he stepped his game up even further with a one-handed catch that was actually necessary to haul in a touchdown pass over a defender:

Saints receiver Mike Thomas was one of the many athletes to react on Twitter:

The Newman and LSU product does not face the Saints this season but will get plenty of air time as the Giants' first two regular season games are nationally televised.

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