Broken pump could be back online Tuesday afternoon

Broken pump could be back online Tuesday afternoon

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A broken pump that helps drain parts of Jefferson and Orleans parishes could be brought back online Tuesday.

In the aftermath of the August 5 flooding, four major pumps and two minor units at Pump Station 6 on the 17th Street Canal were compromised.

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni blamed a lack of communications and ignored protocols for the issues.

The Jefferson Parish pays New Orleans $1 million per year to operate Pump Station 6.

Crews have been working around the clock to get the pumping station back online and Yenni said they are close.

"With those crews working around the clock to fix those pumps, Jefferson Parish and New Orleans officials notified residents who live near the pump about possible unwanted noise," Yenni said.

One resident who lives near the pump said he never received a flyer or a phone call.

"No I did not see any of that kind of that notice," said Mark Pousson. "Not on our phones or any kind of emails. So we did not see that."

The city of New Orleans says it will continue to work the pump station until it's operational.

The 26 generators ordered last week have arrived and are being connected to provide more power and backup power to the pumps.

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