'Spongy' concrete could improve Fat City drainage

'Spongy' concrete could improve Fat City drainage

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The drainage system in Fat City is getting a high-tech assist with the installation of some permeable concrete.

The concrete allows water to seep through like a sponge and then drain into the natural water table beneath the concrete.

Jefferson Parish installed the concrete on the sidewalk and driveway aprons on Edenborn Avenue as part of their drainage improvement which includes the addition of a six-foot diameter drainage pipe beneath the street.

"Anybody who's familiar with the Fat City area knows that drainage is a challenge here so when you talk about adding a 6-foot diameter pipe that is wider than I am tall, that's a significant way to pool water off the streets and a huge improvement for drainage in Fat City," Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken said.

The project is the first time the Parish used the new concrete technology.

"This is the proactive approach we have in Jefferson Parish to try and do everything we can to first enhance our community and also try to make sure that we drain it and absorb as much water as we can," Parish President Mike Yenni said.

Now the Parish hopes to monitor the new concrete to see how effective it is and if it proves valuable you may see it in other parts of Jefferson Parish.

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