The Extra Point: Dont's of Fantasy Football drafting in 2017

The Extra Point: Dont's of Fantasy Football drafting in 2017

(WVUE) - In my second season writing The Extra Point fantasy football blog, and as a champion in one of my toughest leagues last season, we're starting this year off with the big dont's when selecting your championship squad. There are a few things that can really change the effectiveness of how you draft, which is key in the middle rounds when trying to round out your roster.

I won't go into extreme detail just yet on specific players, but I will provide a few examples. A lot of this I'd assumed was common knowledge, but every year, someone jumps way too high on a talented receiver that has no quarterback or strong running back that plays in a stagnant offense.

1. Don't treat your fantasy draft like you're building a real life team

I've seen countless people go bargain shopping, especially at quarterback. That doesn't just apply to auction drafts, but traditional snake drafts as well. Sure, you can wait until round eight, nine or 10 and draft an Andy Dalton, Eli Manning or Carson Palmer. And they might just be "good enough" to keep you in games and win a few. But why wait? Who are you picking in third or fourth round at WR or RB (most of the great options already gone) that's going to serve you better than Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr or even Kirk Cousins? Make the jump and get the player that can win you a couple of games on his own. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are a few that are capable of delivering those early Sunday afternoon 25+ point daggers that allow you to breathe easy the rest of the day.

2. Don't jump early on good players that play in terrible overall offenses

It's like wearing the latest Yeezys or Jordans with dad jeans. It does nothing for your fashion game, just like those players will do nothing for your team. The shining example of this in 2016 was Lamar Miller. I, like many others, was sold the dream of Miller having a great camp and being ready for a breakout season. Quarterback Brock Osweiler not only ruined Miller's fantasy stock, but everyone else's around him as well. If the team's not playing with a lead, unless your running back is David Johnson or Le'Veon Bell, they're not going to do much for you. The same can be said for receivers with bad quarterbacks, which is why I'd always be careful going with someone like Allen Robinson (burned me most of last season) or DeAndre Hopkins (not sold on a Houston QB yet) or any receiver from the Jets (seriously, you should probably sign Colin Kaepernick).

3. Don't wait too long to pick your defense

I won't say this one is law, but it's something that I've recently changed my mind on. For many years, I'd wait on a defense and go bargain bin shopping. It would often lead to a lot of shuffling and unnecessary waiver wire transactions. Last year, I went with the Chiefs or Broncos in every league, and I've never been happier. In leagues where a sack is one point, you can easily rack up with them, in addition to the points earned for keeping opponents off the board. Most important was that I wasn't searching for a replacement every week, and some weeks, those defenses, in Kansas City's case, special teams, would win me games.

Obviously, more fantasy topics and issues will continue to develop as the preseason continues. So if you have any questions, shoot them over to me on Facebook at Chris Hagan FOX 8.

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