Nicondra: High pressure moves in heat

Nicondra: High pressure moves in heat

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - One last wet day with afternoon storms sparking up across the region before much drier weather arrives to end of the week as high pressure settles over the area. More stagnant air and fewer storms will lead to a couple of very hot days with highs reaching the middle 90's on Thursday and Friday.

A tropical wave approaches this weekend and brings a better chance for showers and storms especially by Sunday. Next week looks like typical mid-August weather with a few storms and highs in the lower 90's.

The tropics will continue to see increasing activity with Gert in the Atlantic and several disturbances over the Tropical Atlantic. Gert will curve out into the open Atlantic. The other disturbances pose no threat to the Gulf of Mexico at this time.

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-Nicondra Norwood

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