Gretna Police car crashes into home during chase; homeowner questions NOPD response time

Gretna Police car crashes into home during chase; homeowner questions NOPD response time

ALGIERS, LA (WVUE) - A Gretna Police officer was injured when she crashed into a home in Algiers Tuesday night during a chase, and the homeowner is saying it took almost two hours for the NOPD to respond.

"Now, you would think when you explain this to the 911 operator in Orleans Parish that they would send someone out here immediately. They did not, and I told them that the female officer for Gretna was injured, she had sustained head injuries," said homeowner Terri Robinson.

Robinson says she called 911 several times.

"They probably got tired of me calling, but I didn't care. Several times I talked to a supervisor, twice she told me the same thing - that they were on their way," said Robinson.

But, Robinson says it was after midnight before NOPD officers showed up.

"I may have started calling about 10:30, and it was 12:03 before they actually responded," said Robinson.

We reached out to both Gretna Police and the NOPD. Gretna Police say as soon as the crash happened, officers notified their dispatch to get an ambulance to the officer. Dispatch then notified the NOPD and let them know the officer was en route to the hospital. But, Gretna Police tell us it still took the NOPD nearly two hours to respond to the crash scene.

The NOPD says Gretna Police did not notify them that there was a police pursuit. Instead, a spokesperson says the call was dispatched as a normal traffic accident involving a Gretna unit with EMS on the scene. And, the NOPD says that does not require their immediate attention. We're also told the Fourth District officers were on other calls that took priority.

Robinson says the crash is the third incident in just two weeks involving the ditch in front of her house on Memorial Park Drive. She says she's been complaining to the City of New Orleans for the last two years about it, but she hasn't had any luck getting a guard rail installed.

"We need something to let people know that that's dangerous," said Robinson. "The problem is it's a drainage issue. There's nothing marked to identify that there is danger there, so when people come down the street they cannot tell the ditch from the street. You cannot tell - it's dark."

Robinson is just thankful she came inside her home when she did.

"I could have lost my life in there had I been in there at least 10 to 15 minutes longer," said Robinson. "But, thank God, from what I understand, the police officers said that she was okay."

We're told Gretna Police will cover the damages to the homeowner's garage and car. A spokesperson for the City of New Orleans says they're looking into the homeowner's complaint about the ditch.

We also reached out to the Orleans Parish Communication District, but they have not returned our request for comment.

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