Can your pet safely watch the Great American Eclipse?

Can your pet safely watch the Great American Eclipse?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Louisiana SPCA has received several questions from concerned pet owners regarding pets and the upcoming partial solar eclipse Monday.

They say you should bring your pet inside.

"From our secondary research, there is little evidence to say if a solar eclipse will or will not be dangerous for pets to view. In most scenarios pets do not normally stare at the sun so there is little reason to believe they will during an eclipse," says Louisiana SPCA Community Clinic Director, Jessica Lovelady. "While some authorities suggest putting a pair of solar glasses on your pet during an eclipse we anticipate that most pets will not be very happy with this option."

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According to, dogs and typically do not stare at the sun, so there should not be much to worry about.

Greg Novacek, a physics professor at Wichita State University, said dogs can wear the 'eclipse glasses,' but he does not recommend it, according to the report.

Experts suggest bringing your pets in at least thirty minutes before the eclipse and waiting 30 minutes after the eclipse before letting them out.

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