Citizens demand Mayor Landrieu to resign

Citizens demand Mayor Landrieu to resign

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "We, as conscious citizens in the city of New Orleans, are making an effort to step forward and to work together," says Kim Ford.

Citizens groups that are normally on the opposite sides of many issues in New Orleans are now joining forces. They say this time, they all agree.

"We are here to show solidarity, a solidarity in our safety and our quality of life. Whether we're conservative, liberal or anything in between, we are all in solidarity to manage our water and keep our streets safe," says David Alvarez.

"We stand here together as leaders in this community, who want to see progress," says Pat Bryant.

They've formed an unnamed steering committee made up of members from the different organizations to come up with demands.

"We would like the Mayor and Cedric Grant to resign immediately," says Adrian Bruneau.

Grant has already submitted his retirement and will leave his post at the end of hurricane season.

"When you're the mayor of a city, you don't come out and say well, I'm going to fire this person and this person to deflect blame, you stand up there and you say it's my situation, and I'm going to be responsible for it. I'm going to fix it," says Bruneau.

They want a complete independent forensic audit of all aspects of the Sewerage and Water Board. They're also demanding no privatization of the Sewerage and Water Board and that flood victims are financially compensated for what happened.

"So I stand with everybody here for a call for more accountability, more transparency and a call for reparations for our neighbors who were impacted and suffered financially from something that was preventable," says Alvarez.

"The Sewerage and Water Board is a frustrating situation. It's frustrating for citizens and for folks in government," says Mike Sherman.

FOX 8's Political Analyst Mike Sherman reminds us, this is political season and that may be motivating some comments.

"In addition to the problem solving that needs to take place in government, there's certainly a lot of free shots being taken for political reasons," says Sherman.

The Mayor's office responded today by saying, 'The Mayor was elected by the people of New Orleans to serve until May of 2018 and will do so'.

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