Over 1,000 protesters march to take down more monuments, school, street names

Over 1,000 protesters march to take down more monuments, school, street names

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - One person was treated for apparent heat exhaustion after a large protest Saturday afternoon, by people who want to take down more monuments, street signs and school names, which they call tributes to white supremacy.

The group 'Take em Down NOLA', made good on a promise, not to stop, with the removal of four confederate monuments.

They came on one of the hottest days of the year to put heat on City Hall.

Not satisfied with the city's removal of four Confederate-Era monuments earlier this summer,  the group 'Take em Down NOLA', now says it's sights are set on other symbols of white supremacy.

"It should have been done...this is late," said protester Bilal Ali-Bey.

The plan Saturday was to march from Congo Square to Jackson Square to make their point. And the goal, was to keep it peaceful.

"We have security for the day...all have yellow tape around their forearm," said an organizer named Quest.

The group proposes a new city ordinance, dedicated to taking down more statues, including former Supreme Court Justice E.D. White, and former president Andrew Jackson. And they say, if the city doesn't do it, they will.

"Taking down monuments is part of a larger process that needs to happen to help our society bridge some of the divides we have," said protester Pam Shannon from Georgia.

With the crowd swelling to more than 1,000, they marched through the French Quarter,  with police keeping close watch.

At Jackson Square, there were more speeches and chants.

"How you gonna make New Orleans rise?...educate, educate,  organize," chanted the crowd.

There were a few skirmishes, with groups who say leave the monuments alone.

"This group doesn't care about New Orleans, they just want their black nationalists in power and take down our presidents," said pro monument protester Tristan Harrell.

One man was taken away for treatment for apparent heat exhaustion, and about an hour after the group reached Jackson square, they dispersed.

New Orleans police put out a tweet saying, 'No one in the country handles mass crowd events like the NOPD.  No arrests, no major violence, no accident.'

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