Kenner Housing Authority Exec. Dir. Marc Starling: "I never mismanaged any funds."

Kenner Housing Authority Exec. Dir. Marc Starling: "I never mismanaged any funds."

Executive Director of the Kenner Housing Authority, Marc Starling, fired off a response letter after Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn called for his resignation.

The response stated, "I, Marc Starling, have never mismanaged any funds and my ethics are tied to my humble beginnings of treating people fair."

Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn, though, says he wants to correct the problems of the past. Friday, the Kenner Mayor dismantled the board and called on Starling to resign.

"It's about a diploma situation and a history that follows Mr. Starling," says Zahn.

Zahn says an investigation revealed Starling's resume showed graduate work from a fictitious college, Belford University.

He says the alleged school didn't even have a physical location.

"I don't need someone who comes to me or came to the previous administration and falsifies things. I need to make sure that there's a director and a board in place to make sure, that's giving the best thing to our everyday constituents that depend on it," says Zahn.

Starling said, "My resume was not misleading. My graduate work was from an online school."

Zahn says an investigation also revealed Starling was removed from a HUD leadership position in Florida by federal investigators, and voluntarily left a similar post in Rhode Island amid allegations of mismanagement.

"His history follows him. We have Cocoa Beach and West Warwick. We've had problems obviously right there in the city of Kenner, and there are two cities there with problems," says Zahn.

Starling said, "I consider myself a walking billboard of what the Public Housing Program can produce."

According to his response, it appears Starling is not resigning.

"Well, it's really not up to him because the board has been removed," says Zahn.

Mayor Zahn says the board members have 10 days to appeal their removal. If they don't, he'll move forward with replacing them.

"I can appoint that board. They, in a short time, do a good screening process and choose a director and let's move forward," says Zahn.

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