August 22 is summer airfare magic date

August 22 is summer airfare magic date

(WVUE/FOX) - If you're planning a trip, today may be the day to get the best price for your airfare.

According to, August 22 is when average U.S. domestic fares get cheaper.

The date essentially starts the air travel industry's fall season. The demand for flights decreases because children are back in school and families don't have time off to travel.

The website says depending on departure and destination cities and whether you choose a non-stop flight or one with connections, you could save an average of 11-20% over the price of summer airfare tickets. offered this money-saving tip: book group or family tickets one at a time. The site says a quirk of the airline reservation system means multiple tickets sold in a single transaction must be all the same price. "Example: An airline has only one ticket for $50 and the rest are $100. If you shop for two, you will pay $200 total, but if you shop one-at-a-time, you will pay $150 total," writes

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