FEMA chief meets with Gov. Edwards , Mayor Landrieu

FEMA chief meets with Gov. Edwards , Mayor Landrieu

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - The head of FEMA was in Louisiana Tuesday to meet with Governor John Bel Edwards and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. The meeting occurred as Landrieu is trying to rid the city's drainage system of deficiencies that have led to high-level resignations at the Sewerage & Water Board following major flooding events earlier this month and in July.

They met at the Governor's Mansion behind closed doors and told reporters afterward that they are working to be as prepared as possible despite the drainage deficiencies in New Orleans.

Of course on many people's minds is Harvey, the system that is expected to affect the Gulf of Mexico.

The mayor, Tuesday, announced that he has created an interim emergency management team to work on the remaining pump and drainage issues.

FOX 8 asked FEMA Administrator Brock Long about his concerns for New Orleans as we move deeper in hurricane season. "Obviously the life safety mission is paramount and we are working very closely with her partners," said Long. "We've already inserted some of our planners into the states teams to support the local governments the Army Corps of Engineers is supplying emergency generation power as the city is working to bring the generators up online.

Gov. Edwards said his administration is in constant contact with the city over the issue and providing help where necessary.

"The good news is every day this city's capacity is increased in terms of power generation and pump capacity and obviously there is a window of time where there is more vulnerability then we would like but there is no reason for the people of New Orleans to be panicked at all," said the governor.

Mayor Landrieu said efforts to resolve the remaining issues with the cities drainage system continue around the clock.

"Everyday 24/7 since the event we have had some of the top experts in power generation working at the Sewerage & Water Board to make sure that those power generators and things that we have are actually being put back online," said Landrieu. "We are actually leaning forward on our preparedness said in the event we have the kind of rain event that we need to move people we don't expect that will happen.

City Hall said 15 of the 120 drainage pumps remain off-line.

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