City takes additional steps to prepare for Tropical Storm Harvey

Crews work to fix broken pumps to prepare for Harvey

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - City leaders take additional steps to prepare for potentially heavy rain from Tropical Storm Harvey while also working to restore the city's diminished pumping capacity.

Pumps and generators are in place near the I-10 underpass on Carrollton Avenue ready to help get rid of any flood water if it starts to rise.

Barricades, boats and large water vehicles are in place in flood prone areas.

Last week, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the city still did not have what it needed in case of a major rainstorm or "God forbid a major tropical storm or hurricane."

Fifteen pumps and turbines remain out of service leaving several neighborhoods, such as Lakeview, Mid-City, and the Seventh Ward, vulnerable to flooding.

City leaders cannot predict how much rain in what period of time would cause flooding in those neighborhoods.

Officials said Wednesday it is not the time for residents to panic, but preparations should be made and plans should be put in place.

City leaders also promise better communication in the event of any issues from Tropical Storm Harvey.

"The main thing that can we can absolutely assure the public is if anything changes, f the public needs any additional information or any warning, that will
come from our office in from our team and we will give the public ample amount of notice if they need to make any kind of changes in their normal plan," said Tyrone Walker, spokesman for Mayor Landrieu.

The city says it has cleared more than 800 catch basins since the flooding on August 5.

Residents are asked to help by cleaning catch basins near their homes.

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