JPSO investigating rash of car break ins

JPSO investigating rash of car break ins

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - When you're running around with kids, its hard to carry around extra stuff. Many women leave their purses nearby or in their cars.

"We normally keep it with us," said Lindsay Bryant. "It normally has snacks and other things that we need, so we just keep it in our diaper, in our stroler, tote it along."

A mom, who didn't want her identity known, left her purse inside her car, Wednesday, at Busy Mom's Daycare in Harahan. She came back outside minutes later.

"My car window had been smashed and my purse stolen," said the woman. "I wouldn't think anything of it. I just walk in, pick up my daughter and come back out to the car, I do that all the time."

FOX 8 asked, "Do you think most Moms do that?" The woman responded, "I do. I think we are going to get out of the car and pick up our kid and come back. There's nothing to it."

The same thing day at Helen's Day Care in Metairie. Wedneday, in Lafreniere Park, four cars were hit. Windows smashed and purses or wallets stolen. A worker told FOX 8 it all happened very quickly.

The M.O. of the type of people that commit these crimes know what they're doing," said JPSO Chief Deputy Joseph Lopinto. "It's not hard to break a window. They can do it quickly and at that point in time it takes seconds to grab a purse and leave."

Jefferson investigators are trying to figure out if all six smash and grabs are related and if they're the work of a national gang known as the Felony Lane Gang, a loosely-knit group that targets parks, daycares and fitness centers.

No matter who is responsible, deputies have this advice. "Grab your purse, at least hide your purse," said Lopinto. "Carry a smaller purse. Be able to put it in your console. If they walk past your car and they don't see your purse on the seat, they're not going to take the chance to break the window."

"I definitely won't leave anything in my car," said the woman.

Now she's trying to get back her ID, credit cards and everything else she lost.

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