Officials in Lafitte keeping a close eye on Harvey

Officials in Lafitte keeping a close eye on Harvey

LAFITTE, LA (WVUE) - Lafitte's Mayor is keeping a close eye on Harvey. While no action is being taken right now, Mayor Tim Kerner says the town of the Lafitte is prepared for whatever may happen to the coastal community.

People remain vigilant during the hurricane season. During Cindy, back in June, about 30,000 sandbags were placed throughout Lafitte. Those sandbags are still available. Also, Jefferson Parish sent additional pumps to Lafitte for the hurricane season. The levee has been repaired in some spots and the mayor says Lafitte is ready to respond if it's needed.

"I'll tell you this, this is not our first time," said Kerner. "We've been working around the clock and will get it done. We always prepare for the worst but hope for the best."

"I mean we go through this 100 times. You know it's going to happen basically. There may be one that turns, comes back into the gulf and comes closer, yeah that's when we will have a concern," says Wayne Carbo.

Mayor Kerner points out the large sandbags take some time to get a place but he says he has plenty of people, most of them residents, available to help out. He's encouraging residents to closely watch what unfolds with Harvey over the next few days.

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