Fans call for Britney Spears statue to replace Confederate monument

Fans call for Britney Spears statue to replace Confederate monument

A new petition calls for the replacement of a Confederate statue with a hometown pop icon.

Nearly 6,000 Britney Spears fans have already signed a petition to replace her with one of the Confederate statues in New Orleans.

The petition on lays out her many charitable efforts to Louisiana ... also mentioning her strength of character overcoming tough times she's experienced in her career.

Spears has already received her star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame but now fans are calling for a tribute of honor in her home state.

"A Christmas Story" casting search 

The search is on to find the new "Ralphie" in an upcoming reboot of "A Christmas Story."

FOX is holding a nationwide casting call in hopes to find a new child star to bring this Christmas classic to televisions this December. Emmy award nominee Maya Rudolph has already been cast to play the boy's mother in the live production of the film.

"El Patito" 

Sesame Street puts a twist on the country's number one song "Despacito."

The parody called "El Patito", the little duck, is a remix to Luis Fonsi's hit song. There's no surprise Ernie would serenade his favorite bath time companion.

Meanwhile, Bert seems to be disgusted by Ernie's affection for the rubber duckie.

"El Patito..duckie I am so lucky, o-dee o-dee oh oh, no matter where we and I we both know, we're there for each other, so happy together."

The video was posted to YouTube earlier this week and has gotten close to 400,000 views so far.

See full video here.

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