Nicondra: Harvey stuck In Texas, our rain chance increasing

Nicondra: Harvey stuck In Texas, our rain chance increasing

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Harvey crossed the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane around 10 pm Friday night and continues it's slow creep into the heart of the state keeping a strong onshore flow of tropical moisture even as its winds continue to weaken.

Saturday is only seeing a few brief heavy showers on the fringes of the storm, but we can expect the influence to get larger in this area as Harvey unwinds during it's slow trek. Sunday the combination of a trough to our north and the tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will majorly increase the storms influence in our area. Some bands of heavy tropical downpours can be expected.

Depending on the eventual track and size of Harvey, we may see extensive periods of heavy rain for all of next week. Some rain should be expected with the possibility of flooding rains as well.

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-Nicondra Norwood

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