Residents, officials bracing for what Harvey may bring

Second Harvest Food Bank collects donations for Harvey victims

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans and Louisiana officials remain on alert Monday for any problems Tropical Storm Harvey may bring to Louisiana.

The city of New Orleans has everything from barricades to boats on standby in the event Harvey brings heavy rain or flooding.

City leaders said about 40 boats and over 20 high-water vehicles staged at several fire and police stations, and EMS headquarters in case search and rescue missions become necessary.

The New Orleans Police Department has also pre-staged 146 barricades in flood-prone areas. The barricades will prevent drivers from going into areas with high water.

In the event of heavy rainfall, residents will be allowed to park on the neutral ground and sidewalks, as long as vehicles do not block intersections or roadways.

Officials urge residents to avoid being out on the streets during any heavy rains or flooding, if at all possible.

If conditions deteriorate, residents should be prepared to shelter in place, officials said.


"We're encouraging the public to remain vigilant and use this time to continue to update emergency plans to protect your personal property," New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. "There's nothing that beats preparations from citizens. It just matters and everyone here knows what to do."

Landrieu said New Orleans residents should take the opportunity finalize and emergency plan and be ready to follow it in the event of last-minute changes.

The city is still working to put the pumping and drainage system is the best working order possible before any heavy rain falls.

In the last three weeks, more than 1,000 catch basins and 73,000 feet of drain lines have been cleared.

Charitable organizations are also stepping up to gather donations for victims of Harvey.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is collecting donations to help those impacted by Harvey.

The supplies collected this week are going to help victims of Harvey both in Louisiana and Texas.

At least 800 disaster kits going out to southwest Louisiana today.

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