Orlando, Nashville, Dallas, possible options for LSU-BYU game

LSU-BYU could play in the Superdome

(WVUE) - It looks more likely by the day that LSU and BYU will not play in Houston Saturday. Massive flooding in the area will continue until Thursday.

Yesterday, Tiger Stadium and Superdome were mentioned as possible locations for the matchup. Officials at the Dome are ready if needed to host the contest.

"We have a game Thursday night, our last preseason game. The stadium will be in football mode," said SMG Executive Vice President Doug Thornton. "So we will just have to go through a changeover. Certainly, converting the building overnight is something we're used to doing. We've gone from Saints games to two national championships before, so that in itself won't be a problem. We just need to make sure that we are properly scheduled our staff, and that requires some planning."

Today, Orlando, Nashville, and Dallas also came up as possible locations.

Andrew Lopez of Nola.com reports ESPN reached out to the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas about hosting. The stadium is looking into what they can do.

Music City Bowl official says they've been contacted about holding it in Nashville. No timeline on a decision, reports Christopher Dabe of Nola.com

Orlando is "prepared to host if needed," says Matt Repchak of Florida Citrus Sports to Nola.com.

BYU does not allow its athletic teams to play Sundays, so the target date is still on a Saturday at any location. The game is currently scheduled to kickoff at 8:30 p.m. at NRG Stadium in Houston.

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