Former NOPD commander loses home, belongings in Houston flood

Former NOPD commander loses home, belongings in Houston flood

(WVUE) - Among the many victims of the Houston flood, a former NOPD commander who lost everything in Katrina.

Wading through the brown, murky water that now fills his Houston home, Brian Weiss surveys the damage.

These Facebook videos show his concerned friends and family, the devastation Harvey has caused.

"We probably lost everything we have now. We've got just what we have on our back, we don't even have shoes on right now," Weiss said via phone Monday.

The feeling is an all too familiar one. Weiss lived through and lost his home to Hurricane Katrina. At the time, he worked with the NOPD, helping to save lives during the tragedy. He stresses, there's a big difference between these two storms.

"I was just helping people out, my family had left days before and we knew Katrina was coming and I didn't have to worry about my family so this is all about my family," Weiss explained.

Getting his three girls and wife out of their Meyerland home Sunday morning, proved daunting.

Weiss explains, "From about 5 to 5:15, the water came up so much, it came up to our door and once it came up to our door, we tried to get the children out. My youngest, who is about to turn 11, tried to cross the street while swimming and the current was so strong, it took her under and started to drag her down the street."

Weiss says he dropped the suitcase he was carrying and his wife dropped the family dog to pull their daughter to safety.

"We're safe and that's the big thing and we were lucky enough to find some nice neighbors to let us stay here," Weiss said.

Leaving New Orleans and the NOPD a couple of years ago, after 30 years of service, Weiss thought his life in Houston would be quieter. The magnitude of now losing two homes in two separate cities gets to even a veteran cop.

"Twice in 12 years is kinda rough," Weiss said.

But he who vows to rebuild yet again.

Weiss says he feels for the first responders working in the Houston area right now, because he remembers feeling helpless during Katrina, racing against the clock to get as many people out of their homes as possible.

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