Cajun Navy's New Orleans Flotilla Rolls West

Cajun Navy's New Orleans Flotilla Rolls West

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some New Orleans-area boaters are forgetting about fishing for the next couple of days and are headed west to rescue flood victims.

The Cajun Navy is mobilizing, using lessons learned in Baton Rouge last year to try and reach more people than ever.

They are in constant communication using a walkie-talkie app.

"The emergency management systems are inundated, they are not where they need to be, we are here," said Cajun Navy veteran Chris Doran.

With more than four feet of rain predicted for some portions of Texas, and heavy rains moving into Louisiana, these guys are on a mission.

"If we have a phone number, and a place to go and we will directly send them to where they need to go," said Shawn Boudreaux, with the Cajun Navy.

But at this point it's not certain how far west they will go.

"For the moment we are headed to the Lafayette/ Lake Charles area," said Doran.

It is not like the Houston area is uncovered.

"We have more teams than I can count in Texas," said Doran

For Doran, it's an opportunity help those in need, after help failed to show after Katrina.

"I lost a house in Arabi, at the time I didn't own a boat," said Doran.

It's also a chance, to show son Jordan, how to help neighbors in need.

"I like helping people, that's how I grew up," said Jordan.

Nearly 50 boats from the New Orleans area, are now headed west to join the Cajun Navy rescue team.

"Just trying to be a good neighbor," said Chris Doran.

And by the looks of things, they will have plenty of work to do, once they arrive.

People were stopping by and giving them cash donations.

A lot of people want to help.

Check the Cajun Navy's Facebook page if you want to help too.

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