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Traveling with kids this Labor Day? Here are some tips to make life easier

Traveling with Kids: The Labor Day Weekend Edition (Source: Pablo) Traveling with Kids: The Labor Day Weekend Edition (Source: Pablo)

As we approach Labor Day weekend you and your family may be squeezing in your last vacation. Whether you take plane, train or automobile, traveling with kids requires extra preparation. Below are tips for traveling with little ones from Dr. Tracie Carter, Pediatrician at Ochsner Hospital for Children - Slidell. 

  • Prepare me: Get there early enough for necessary potty breaks, diaper changes and plan as best you can for any stops in your itinerary. It always takes longer than you expect.
  • Feed me: Let’s be honest, children and grown-ups alike all get grumpy if we’re not well fed and nourished. While traveling, this is even more important. So to prevent your own Snickers hunger meltdowns, the scary airplane or gas station food, pack what travels well and will make it through security. Click here to read TSA’s latest about traveling with formula, medications and what the exceptions are.
  • Protect me: Don’t forget to pack all the necessary medications, vitamins and daily supplements that you need to make life easier while away from home.
  • Entertain me: Depending on the age of your child or fellow adult, think about the easy things that will keep everyone busy for 30 minutes at a time. Whether that’s small toys, books, a smart tablet, cell phones, games, etc. Download apps to iPads and phones that coordinate with your airplane entertainment service prior to boarding. Make sure you’re fully stocked, charged up and ready for any delays in travel that may come up. You may even consider a wireless charger for those situations where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.
  • Work with me: For those of you who visibly cringe when you see parents with children board the plane, please keep in mind that they’re just as nervous as you are about the trip, so please be patient. Parents, click here to review specific questions you may want to ask your airline before traveling.
  • Clean & Comfort me: Bring an extra set of clothes for the kids and the adults, especially if traveling with an infant. Baby wipes/wet wipes are a good thing to have for the family even beyond the diaper years. I also recommend wearing something easy to maneuver in and to bring along the small comforts of home (blanket/pillow/stuffed animal).

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