Juan's World: Preseason's Over, What Did We Learn?

Juan's World: Preseason's Over, What Did We Learn?

(WVUE) - The preseason is over for the New Orleans Saints, so what did we learn?

First and foremost, I didn't learn this, I was reminded of this. That if Drew Brees gets hurt and misses more than three or four weeks, the Saints season is over. His backups are and will forever be backups. There's just not a lot of talent there. From Chase Daniel to Garrett Grayson to Ryan Nassib, there is not a lot to be happy about.

I am happy about the defense and just how aggressive it is. Yes, I know it's the preseason, but even though they were playing all base defense, the guys 'still' got pressure on the quarterback, leading all teams with 17-sacks. I predict this type of pressure will continue in week one at Minnesota.

Now, to what we didn't learn anything because there was nothing more to learn. Drew Brees will be good again this season. The players around him are talented enough for this team to win. Michael Thomas is a stud. Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram might get showed up by rookie Alvin Kamara and center Max Unger has been missed. Now that he's back, all is well with the guys that are paid to protect number nine.

And finally, I'm able to distance myself from what happens in the preseason versus what should be expected to happen in the regular season. I said before Nick Fairley left the team that the Saints would finish 11-5. Losing Fairley is big, but I still think this team will finish 10-6. They'll need a little luck to do so, but they can do it.

Bring on the regular season. I'm ready.

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