Juan's World: In Banks Tulane trusts?

Juan's World: In Banks Tulane trusts?

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and I have to ask the question. Is football REALLY a team game? I know that it's an eleven on eleven game. But, when I look at Tulane, I see one player that matters way more than the other ten, quarterback Jonathan Banks.

He's one of the newest Greenies. But, he came in with the greatest of responsibilities and expectations. Head Coach Willie Fritz all but proclaimed this summer to be Bowl Game or bust for the Wave this season.

Quite the pressure being put on a team that's sniffed just two bowl games this century. But, Fritz is a coach that lacks patience when it comes to winning. Everywhere he's been before Tulane, he's won by the second season. SO really, the pressure he's putting on his players, he's also putting on himself. Which takes me back to Banks. Truth be told, last season, Tulane's biggest achilles heel was at it's most important position, quarterback. The guys they had playing there, Johnathan Brantley and Glenn Cuiellette, just weren't good enough or experienced enough to lead.

And they certainly weren't comfortable enough or confident enough to win in the Green Wave's newly installed offense, the triple option.

So, in steps Banks and, all of a sudden, this teams expectations have grown. No longer are they 'hoping' make a bowl game, they're expecting to and Banks' first game, his first start, didn't disappoint. Of Tulane's 481-total offensive yards, Banks had nearly half of them, with 243. He accounted for four of the teams touchdowns, three by air, one by ground.

In other words, Banks looked the part of a triple-option, dual-threat quarterback. The kind of quarterback that Tulane needs to not only compete but be successful in the American Athletic Conference.

Which brings me back to my original question. Is football 'really' a team sport or can an individual be 'bigger' than the team? Probably a little bit of both but in Tulane's case, they're hoping the team can benefit from their individual's greatness. And so far, they have.

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