State and city leaders look at changes to evacuation plans

State and city leaders look at changes to evacuation plans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - State and local leaders looked at possible changes to evacuation plans in New Orleans following the mass flooding on Aug. 5.

Word recently came out that the city has a reduced pumping capacity due to broken pumps and turbines plus the recent impact Hurricane Harvey had on possible evacuation routes.

Governor John Bel Edwards says the office of homeland security and emergency preparedness is going to see which areas are still vulnerable to flooding.

A spokesperson for Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the trigger point for a mandatory evacuation and the city-assisted evacuation plan has long been a category three hurricane.

But the governor said plans also need to be made up for severe storms with heavy rain.

"It's not the category of the hurricane, in fact, the afternoon thunderstorm that caused so much flooding last month, it was an unnamed storm," Edwards said. "The two storms from last year in March and August that caused flooding so that 56 of our 64 parishes were declared major federal disasters, they weren't named storms. It has to do with the forecast and it has to do with how much rain and we'll figure out what those triggers are going to be."

Thirteen drainage pumps and five pumps that service local underpasses and a few turbines are still out of service.

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