David: Irma is not our storm

David: Irma is not our storm

(WVUE) - I'll never forget Aug. 26/27 2005. That's the infamous "shift" in models from the Florida Panhandle to SE Louisiana concerning the inevitable landfall of Hurricane Katrina. I spent the entire night on the phone calling friends and saying, "Look, you might not have left before, but this is the real deal."

It's understandable that we have a level of anxiety about storms after that traumatic experience. However, let's set the record straight. As of Wednesday Sept. 6, Irma is not our storm. Let's look at the facts as they stand:

1. We are not in the five-day forecast cone. Not even close
2. There are no watches and warnings for our area
3. There is no discussion of any pending evacuations
4. There are no reliable computer models that bring the storm here

A strong, early fall cold front is moving through today and we are going to have a glorious run of sunny weather. This front is our first line of protection from Irma. Last night on FOX 8 News at 9 and 10, I also showed a reinforcing jet stream dip this weekend that should keep Irma well east of our area.

Could things change? Maybe. Stranger things have happened. But as it stands now we continue to just be in a watch-and-monitor situation.

Go out and enjoy the incredible weather on the way while we keep the Caribbean, Florida and the SE coast in our thoughts.

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