Some travelers change plans while others head on to Florida

Some travelers change plans while others head on to Florida

(WVUE) - Hurricane Irma is affecting travel plans for people heading to Florida and those trying to evacuate.

Some travelers at Armstrong International Airport are trying to change travel plans as Irma heads toward Florida.

Some airlines are making changing travel plans easy.

Delta is allowing passengers affected by Irma to rebook flights without paying a fee.

American Airlines and United Airlines are also waiving change fees for passengers whose travel plans are impacted by Irma.

But some people are sticking with their plans to head to Florida.

A flight to Fort Lauderdale left at 5:30 a.m. and another flight to Miami left at 6 a.m. while a flight to Orlando left at 6:30 a.m.

"Just gotta go down there and take care of business. That's about it," said Dave Ingram. "Have no choice but to take care of my belongings."

"I'm from there. Been through hurricanes since I was born," said Melissa St. James. "Went through Katrina here so I'm not really scared."

Some airlines like American have said they're going to wind down their operations tomorrow and shut down completely over the weekend when the storm is expected to hit.

That means travelers heading to Florida now run the risk of being stuck there.

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