David Bernard: Is the worst about to happen?

David Bernard: Is the worst about to happen?

(WVUE) - Is the Worst About to Happen?

Last month was the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the United States. Today we are facing the prospect of a monster hurricane striking the entire peninsula of Florida.

However, this could be different and much worse. Andrew was an unusually tiny hurricane. It was mighty in strength with Category 5 winds but the overall storm impacts were felt over a relatively small area. The storm was so small that those major hurricane force winds were not even felt across all of Miami-Dade but were confined to the southern parts of that county.

Irma is a beast. A very large hurricane that has the potential to spread hurricane force winds over most of the state (except the Panhandle). It's also possible that major hurricane force winds could rake the entire Florida east coast from Miami to Jacksonville.

There is still the chance that Irma runs off the East Coast of Florida keeping the most destructive part of the storm offshore. However, the computer model evidence combined with the known error rate 48-72 hours before a storm argues that the possibility of a worst case scenario is real.

Yesterday the National Hurricane Center Director Ed Rappaport said "if this hits south Florida this is going to be a once in a generation event...the big one for us"


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