Report: Eagles sending 7th-rd. pick for Dorenbos trade

Report: Eagles sending 7th-rd. pick for Dorenbos trade

(WVUE) - On Friday, the Saints announced long snapper Jon Dorenbos would undergo open heart surgery after a team doctor discovered he had an aortic aneurysm. Dorenbos was acquired from the Eagles in a trade, so the Saints felt they would get additional compensation after the discovery.

A report by Howard Eskin today, says the Eagles sent the 2019 seventh-round pick to the Saints.

If it wasn't for the trade, which requires a full physical, Dorenbos might never have known of his condition.

"He and I have had a lot chances to reflect on the last two days," said Saints Head Coach Sean Payton. "He's an amazing guy, and his perspective as you can imagine has been outstanding. He looks at it in a significant way, or a way in which you could argue the trade itself saved his life. I said this to you guys on the phone the other day, credit Dr. John Amoss, because there are murmurs that were ones that aren't as alarming that players and people play with and John heard that in his exam."

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