Juan's World: What did Adrian say to Coach Payton?

Juan's World: What did Adrian say to Coach Payton?

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World. Did ya see the stare down...well, only Adrian Peterson was staring at Sean Payton, and it was in slow motion. So what was probably only a couple of seconds exchange seemed like five times that.

What to make of 'this' kind of confrontation after the first game of the season? Well, it was Peterson's return to his former home. Peterson had seen much better days than his six-carry, 18-yard performance. Peterson's always been 'the guy' in the offense. So when he's all of a sudden 'not' in the game for long stretches, his reaction should've been expected.

Peterson's a competitor, and a competitor always believes he can make a difference in a game. Peterson thinks he can be 'the' difference-maker for the Saints. The question now and going forward will be, how do the Saints see him? As a difference maker, or just another piece to their offensive puzzle.

Peterson doesn't like losing, especially to his former team the first time he plays them. Sean Payton doesn't like being told what to do, what to call, and especially who to play, and that won't change anytime soon.

After the game Peterson said he respects his coach. Payton said there was no 'death stare' or friction between him and his future hall of fame back. But, something's clearly a-miss.

The good thing about playing a Monday night game, you don't have time to reflect on what went wrong when you lose. Nor do you have time to pout over spilt milk. So don't expect this little rift between head coach and star player to last beyond tonight's game.

The Saints have far too many other problems to fix before the Patriots visit the Dome next Sunday.

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