One year after son's murder, West Bank mom calls for justice

One year after son's murder, West Bank mom calls for justice

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - A West Bank mother of three, calls out for answers, one year after the murder of her youngest child.

Twenty-year-old Kendrick Ussin, was gunned down as he sat in a courtyard, and his mother is now on a quest, for closure.

Shawn Herbert says it wasn't supposed to be like this. "As a mother you don't plan to bury your children," she said.

Kendrick, the boy with the bubbly smile, was something special.

"He always had a smile, always was the jokester of the family," Herbert said.

As he grew older, Ussin had dreams of being a chef.

"He had talked to me about getting back to school...Kendrick loved to cook," she said.

But at age 20, Ussin, was having  a hard time, putting that life together.

He kept returning to the Woodmere neighborhood, a place he called home most of his life, but that decision, wound up costing him his life.

On September 22nd of last year, Ussin was fatally shot twice as he sat in a courtyard in the 2400 block of Alex Kornman.

"Two people came up behind the wall, and opened fire on him," his mother said.

Off camera, residents said Ussin was staying in the complex with a friend, and would frequently sit in the courtyard. After he was shot, he ran into one of the units for safety, and was then rushed to the hospital.

"Two hours later the doctors said they tried, but they couldn't save him," said Herbert.

With a killer on the loose,  Herbert seeks closure, knowing nothing will bring him back.

"I just ask anyone who knows something to call Crimestoppers, and say something," she said.

Shawn Herbert has put up 5,000 dollars to raise the reward to $7500 for anyone who may have information that would lead to the arrest of Kendrick Ussin's killer.

If you know anything, please give Crimestoppers a call, at (504) 822-1111.

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