After Further Review: The Adrian Peterson story that matters

After Further Review: The Adrian Peterson story that matters

(WVUE) - It was the stare that captured national headlines. But the truth is whatever happened between Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton Monday night was the most insignificant storyline stemming from their loss to Minnesota.

The Saints have much bigger and more urgent issues to address. The run game was awful. The pass rush was non existent. The secondary made Sam Bradford look like a Hall of Famer, while a real Hall of Famer awaits today.

Make no mistake, Peterson is a storyline, just not the one the national media will run with. The real story is how will he fit into this offense and will he be effective? It's true he didn't sign up for nine snaps, but his snaps here will undoubtedly be the lowest of his career. Success will be the ultimate determinant.

If they're winning, this will take care of itself; if they aren't then perhaps things could get testy. But then again, if the Saints aren't successful, a whole lot more people than just Peterson will start to feel uncomfortable.

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