After Further Review: Lopsided losses make this slow start different for Saints

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - At this point, the Saints at 0-2 should shock no one. September slow starts have become the norm for this team. The Saints are now 1-11 since 2014 in September games, and have followed an all-too-familiar script in why they can't seem to get the job done early in the season.

They still can't rush the passer. They still haven't been able to consistently run the ball. They still can't get off the field on third down. Their secondary still remains an opposing quarterback's dream matchup.

But despite the predictable problems, there has been one glaring difference in 2017. It's not just that the Saints have lost, it's that they've shown a stunning lack of competitiveness in both.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 they had most of the same issues. Still, they managed to be in nearly every September game with A CHANCE to win in the end. That would be a major upgrade to what the Saints have shown through two games this year.

They just took their second consecutive double digit loss. Neither of those final scores were indicative of just how much they were dominated. The Saints were whipped much more than the 10-point and 16-point losses to the Vikings and Patriots would suggest. Both games were essentially over well before the fourth quarter had reached its midway point. Against Minnesota, the Saints were down 17 points at the 7:49 mark of the fourth. Against the Patriots, they were down 23 until the 3:45 mark of the final period. That's concerning.

"We only have one way to go, that's up," Drew Brees said after the game.

True, but in their case 'up' would also qualify as being in the game at the end. Perhaps then, they can finally be in a position to finish the job.

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