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Colin Kaepernick (probably) won't become a Bengal, but the rumors are there

Kaepernick (Source: Moe Epsilon, Mike Morbeck) Kaepernick (Source: Moe Epsilon, Mike Morbeck)

The Cincinnati Bengals recently fired the offensive coordinator. If offensive struggles (such as not yet finding the end zone in the 2017 season) were to continue, could that mean a change at head coach? Quarterback?

Apparently, there have been murmurs of Colin Kaepernick's name in the Bengals locker room.

To be fair, when a team enters Week 3 of the NFL season without a touchdown, there are plenty of murmurs about all kinds of things. (See: Cincinnati back up QB AJ McCarron.)

With a tough opponent in the Green Bay Packers next week, things may get worse before they get better for the Bengals. But if Kaepernick were to take NFL snaps this season, does a loss to Green Bay mean those snaps would take place in a black and orange tiger-striped uniform?

Of course not (especially if Dalton and McCarron are healthy), writes the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Meanwhile, Kaep remains without work. Skill is very much not the issue, it seems, as highlighted by this absurd list of 20 free-agent quarterbacks signed ahead of him published in June by FOX Sports.

Kaep reportedly says he's ready.

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