David: Maria making history

David: Maria making history

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - We are likely going to witness one of the greatest hurricane disasters on record. We need a miracle for the core of this storm to miss Puerto Rico. The violent winds only extend about 40 miles out so it's possible but the window is rapidly closing. We have millions of people in the path of Maria on Puerto Rico.

Alarming hurricane hunter reports late Tuesday show the pressure STILL dropping. The latest reading was 913 mb with winds at least 165 mph. The storm is not moving quick so they will feel violent winds for hours. Same with St Croix.

Few Notes on this Historic Season:

  • So far we’ve had 4 Category 5 days in the Atlantic..only the 1932 season had more.
  • As of now we are in 4th place for greatest Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) for the month of September.
  • Only 1926, 1961 and 2004 had more…but we’re getting close to 1st place.

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