David: Heat, storms continue

David: Heat, storms continue

(WVUE) - As the official start of Fall quickly approaches, a summer-like feel will continue to linger. Highs near the 90-degree mark, humid air, and a daily chance for spotty showers will remain in the forecast through the weekend. Overnight lows will only drop to the 70's on both sides of the lake.

Highs will retreat to the 80's over the weekend and into early next week. The chance for a few daily showers and storms will stick around for the weekend.

By Tuesday of next week, drier air will build into the area cutting off rain chances but not lowering temperatures. There isn't a Fall cold front in sight.

In the tropics, Jose and Maria are in the Atlantic and are not a threat to Southeast Louisiana. Jose may churn up some rough surf and heavy rain along parts of the northeastern U.S. Maria crossed Puerto Rico early this morning and will move just northeast of the Dominican Republic today.

It's too early to say what impacts Maria could have on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Florida seems to be at less risk but the same can't be said yet for the Carolinas and Northeast.

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-David Bernard

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