Some in New Orleans are desperately trying to get in touch with loved ones in Puerto Rico

Locals worry about family in Puerto Rico

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - As Hurricane Maria leaves widespread devastation in Puerto Rico, people living in New Orleans are desperately trying to get in touch with their loved ones there.

The images and stories coming out of Puerto Rico brings Niry Agosto to tears.

"The messages that I was able to see on Facebook of how horrible and terrifying it is it made it worse because I'm imagining all of that and not being able to contact my family," said Agosto.

Agosto lives in New Orleans now, but is from Puerto Rico. It's been an agonizing day trying to get in touch with her family. That's been difficult to do since Maria knocked out power to the entire U.S. territory.

"The not knowing, I mean when you are away from your family, it's horrible because you think the worst," said Agosto.

And, at La Calle 97.9 in Kenner, listeners have been calling the radio station hoping they can help them reach their loved ones in Puerto Rico.

"We are getting calls from people who have families on one corner of the country to the other corner so, they're very concerned and they're asking us if we can do anything about it to help them get in contact with them so, we're trying to work with the radio stations out there in Puerto Rico. They're working on some generators, we're trying to work together with them but it's kind of hard right now, nobody has power," said DJ Nasty of La Calle.

As for Agosto, she was finally able to reach her family who shared harrowing stories about how they managed to survive the storm.

"They spent the whole night like that, holding the door like to the point where they couldn't even feel their arms and they are okay," said Agosto.

She knows her home has a long road to recovery ahead but she says Puerto Rico's resilience will pull them through.

"I know they're going to get up because that's who we are, we are, really strong, we're brothers and sisters not only in Puerto Rico, not only I hope, I know we're going to get out of this and we will be the fun and beautiful country that once we were," said Agosto.

La Calle Nola says as soon as the radio stations they've reached out to are back on the air, they plan to team up to help people in New Orleans check on loved ones.

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