Mayoral candidate Scurlock insists he will be vindicated in lewd conduct case

Mayoral candidate Scurlock insists he will be vindicated in lewd conduct case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock says he will be vindicated. He's accused of performing a lewd act on himself in the back of an Uber.

You may have seen him wearing a top hat or campaigning for mayor. But Frank Scurlock is now insisting he will be cleared in a lewd conduct case out of Santa Monica, CA.

Our partners at | The Times Picayune report the mayoral candidate was picked up from a West Hollywood hotel in February when an Uber driver heard noises coming from the back seat. She then reportedly found Scurlock exposed, with his pants down, performing a lewd act on himself.

The driver pulled over to call police, but Scurlock allegedly ran away. Later, she identified him from a photo lineup.

FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman says it reminds him of another political scandal.

"In the presidential race, the Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump became the blockbuster news that no one could stop talking about. Now, in New Orleans, this incident with Frank Scurlock is all the political community is talking about. Probably doesn't affect the race, but certainly gets people talking," said Sherman.

Scurlock now faces a charge of lewd conduct. And, if found guilty, he could face a year in jail and may be required to register as a sex offender. He has a court date in California in October.

Sherman says so far this has been a sleepy mayor's race, but this is sure to grab voter attention.

"It's been difficult to get voters to focus on this year's mayoral's race. Well now this story is going to get people talking about it, not from one of the main candidates and not for a good reason, but certainly for a salacious one. That marks the beginning of people paying attention to this race," said Sherman.

But Sherman says it will make no difference at all when it comes to Scurlock's candidacy.

"Frank Scurlock had not yet propelled himself into the top tier of candidates. He pulled out a lot of his money from the campaign, so he wasn't a major candidate. We don't expect much of an impact," said Sherman.

We called Scurlock about the latest allegations. He gave us this statement:

"The allegations brought against me are without merit. It has been many months since this alleged incident occurred. I await my day in court and expect to be vindicated." 

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