Hagan: It's not LSU without QB drama

Hagan: It's not LSU without QB drama

(WVUE) - It's not LSU if there's not some quarterback drama. And until Saturday night when Ed Orgeron put Myles Brennan in the game, there was none. Sure, Tiger fans wanted to see more of the true freshman, given the role he'll have in LSU's future, but more important was winning. However, Orgeron's decision almost cost them both the game and maybe some of Brennan's confidence.

It was such an issue that Orgeron led his press conference with it after the game.

"I know you're going to ask me about the quarterback," says Orgeron. "We wanted to give Myles Brennan some reps when the game was on the line to see what he could do. He did well in some situations, but he's got to get better with some other ones. Danny (Etling) is our starting quarterback. We just wanted to give Myles a chance when the game was on the line.

It's a blunder that was near disaster. Until the Etling to Stephen Sullivan touchdown near the end of the 2nd quarter, the Tigers had just 76 yards of offense in the first half. Two big pass plays gave them the lead, but it was hardly a sound offensive showing, given how much Danny Etling was under pressure and running for his life.

"There was too much penetration," says Orgeron. "The safety had penetration all night. Danny was under duress the whole night. Without watching the film, I'd say Syracuse defensive line won."

One of the few positives, however, outside of inking out a win, was showing some flashes of solid offense on a few drives. When the run blocking was there, it was as good as ever, and the deep shots started to connect again. Etling credits that to the hard work of his receivers after a poor showing that was full of drops against Mississippi State last week.

"They came in and worked with me every night to improve on that," says Etling. "That's a credit to them. We were on the same page, I thought, in a lot of aspects. I thought that showed up tonight. The next aspect is to fix some of the things where we got pressure and move on from there."

But clearly, nothing is a given anymore with LSU. They'll hope to find some sort of consistency next week against Troy. After that, it's nothing but tough, SEC games the rest of the way.

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