Juan's World: Saints Win....Finally

Juan's World: Saints Win....Finally

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and it's amazing what a "Show of Unity' can do for a team, both on the field and off of it.

By now you know how the NFL, it's players and some of its owners, responded to President Donald Trumps comments Friday night. By exercising their constitutional right to protest...silently and peacefully.

But, their silence spoke loudly all across our country. And it, once again, sparked debate on whether or not the players were in the right or the wrong. It's something that won't be quieting down anytime soon. Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro said he's not sure if their protest will carry over to their next game in London, so we shall see.

What Vaccaro and every 'other' player in a Saints uniform would like to see carry over, their performance on the field. It was, by far, their best game, on both sides of the ball, this season.

Four sacks and three interceptions by the defense, three touchdown throws by quarterback Drew Brees. The most complete game of the season, indeed.

If the Saints could bottle this performance, they would. But, we all know that times have changed with this team. So it's a one-game-at-a-time approach for the rest of the seasons...as it should be.

So as we turn the page to London, the Saints will try and keep it business as usual as best they can. Even though they know a week away, on foreign soil, is anything but normal.

So let's see if 'this' season is different from the past three. When they started oh-and-whatever, they never recovered. They'll get another chance to rebound next week against the Miami Dolphins.

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