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"Hooked up" and "Plenty of Fish": Victims lured and robbed in sex scheme

Kristen Gisclair (Source: Kenner) Kristen Gisclair (Source: Kenner)
Raphael Brooks (Source: Kenner) Raphael Brooks (Source: Kenner)
Cortland Patterson (Source: Kenner) Cortland Patterson (Source: Kenner)

Three people have been arrested utilizing social media, which resulted in the luring of victims to be robbed on multiple occasions.

Kristen Faye Gisclair, 24, Raphael Gerard Brooks, 37, and Cortland Patterson, 26, all of Kenner, are charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, and simple burglary. 

The investigation first began on September 10, at 12:28 a.m., when a 24-year-old male, reported he was a victim of an armed robbery and that his vehicle had also been burglarized in the 4100 block of Georgia Ave., in Kenner. 

The victim said he had used Instagram and corresponded with an individual known as Jasmine, who he agreed to meet and pay $100 for sex.  Jasmine directed the victim to a nonexistent address in the 4100 block of Georgia Ave., where the victim was robbed in the alleyway by two males, one who pointed a rifle at him. 

During the course of the robbery, the suspects also entered the victim’s vehicle. The victim admitted first seeing an ad on backpage.com for prostitution and then corresponded and spoke with the female via Instagram and telephone. 

On Thursday at 10:40 p.m., the Kenner Police Department responded to a second armed robbery which occurred in the 4100 block of Georgia Ave., in Kenner.  In this robbery, a 27-year-old male reported he had “hooked up” with a random female on “Plenty of Fish” and agreed to meet her at an address on Georgia Avenue, which was later found to be nonexistent. 

Upon arriving at the location, the victim was robbed by two males, one who pointed a rifle at him and took his wallet, $90, and his cellular telephone.   

Through an investigation, detectives were able to track activity Georgia Ave.  A search warrant was executed and the three were taken into custody.  Recovered inside the condominium, was the victim’s property, in addition, to a BB gun that appeared to look like a rifle. 

Upon conducting interviews with the suspects, a confession was obtained, in which it was learned, Gisclair, Patterson, and Brooks, spoke of, and created accounts with the “Jasmine” and “Nikki” on Backpage.com, as a means to contact and lure victims to the condominium complex, in order for Cortland Patterson and Raphael Brooks to rob them, police said.

Gisclair also confessed to speaking to the victims on the phone and giving them directions to a nonexistent address, enabling the robberies to take place. 

From statements obtained at least four robberies have been committed, and at present only two have been reported.  

Gisclair, Brooks, and Patterson, all remain in custody, their bonds have been set at $520,000. 

Kenner Police Chief Michael J. Glaser is asking for any victim to come forward, in addition, if anyone has any information regarding these robberies, or Kristen Faye Gisclair, Raphael Gerard Brooks, or Cortland Patterson, to call the Kenner Police Detective Nick Engler at (504) 712-2410 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.  

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