Recent NFL protests spark heated debates

Recent NFL protests spark heated debates

(WVUE) - NFL players protesting during the national anthem has resulted in heated debates. Some Saints players joined in during Sunday's game sparking outrage across the country and in New Orleans. 
"When Trump said that they should be fired, he is ignoring the fact that you cannot fire people because of their beliefs, you cannot fire people because of their religion," said political analyst, Silas Lee, Ph.D.

Lee says there's a history of sports and the fight for equality coming together.

"They realize once they take that uniform off and go back to their respective communities society may not see them as the superstar, society will not see them as someone who has achieved great success," said Lee.

Because of that, Lee says there will always be athletes protesting but he says patriotism is not one dimensional.

"So simply kneeling during the anthem does not mean the people, the athletes are not patriotic what they're saying is they want this country to reflect the ideals and everything it promises in the constitution," said Lee.
But, many don't see it that way. In response to the NFL protests we've see everything from a local restaurant owner refusing to air the Saints game as long as the protest continue to an outraged fan burning her black and gold items in a fire pit.

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