Krewe of Poseidon rescinds Grand Marshal invitation to Saints players following protest

Krewe of Poseidon rescinds Grand Marshal invitation to Saints players following protest

(WVUE) - The Krewe of Poseidon said that the controversy over the National Anthem protest prior to Sunday's game in Charlotte has led them to uninvite two Saints players, who agreed to be their grand marshals in next year's parade.

The Slidell krewe made the decision after Kenny Vaccaro and Alex Okafor sat during anthem.

Krewe captain, Ronny Kastner said the krewe needs to be careful putting itself on either side of the issue and felt it was best to look for another Grand Marshal.

"If you have a current hot button issue, where someone may be highly involved in something that is divisive, by putting them in the parade it could cause issues and we're just not prepared to handle that," said Kastner.

He added, "So this is not something that you know, we very well may be interested in having them again. At this point and time we're just not interested in having someone participate and represent our krewe that the entire audience might not be interested in seeing."

Kastner said krewe members have been supportive of the decision.

"We provided a very lengthy to our members explaining to them that it was a very tough decision and that it was something that they did not take lightly," said Kastner.

When asked if the decision to uninvite the players came too soon, Kastner said that the krewe felt that it was an issue that would probably carry on throughout the season. Kastner said that they felt they wouldn't have sufficient time to identify another grand marshal if they made the decision at a later date.

The krewe emailed both Vaccaro and Okafor, notifying them of their decision. However, they have not heard back from either player. Both players are currently in London for next week's game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Krewe of Poseidon will roll on January 27, 2018.

We reached out to the Saints about the krewe's decision, but have not received a response.

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