Drivers who hit nails on I-10 flood tire repair shops

Drivers dealing with nail spill fallout

(WVUE) - Some drivers were forced to get their tires repaired after a truck spilled thousands of nails on Interstate 10.

Thousands of nails were spilled and spread across I-10 eastbound in Jefferson Parish between the Bonnabel Boulevard exit and Orleans Parish line.

Louisiana State Police shut down three lanes of the interstate while crews worked to clean up the nails.

But the lanes that remained open to traffic had nails scattered across them and the wet afternoon weather made them difficult for drivers to see.

The nails punctured tires, sending drivers to local tire and repair shops.

Some of their tires had as many as a dozen nails in them.

State police found the driver who caused the spill and cited him.

State police advise drivers to call their insurance company to learn if they are covered and if any deductibles apply.

"That driver was cited for unsecured load," said Trooper Melissa Matey, Louisiana State Police spokesperson. "DOTD came and cleaned up the interstate."

Matey advised drivers take pictures of the damage and save all the receipts.

Matey also said drivers can ask insurance companies to call state police.

Attorney Mike Sherman says drivers have a good case at recouping money for damages.

Sherman said there is a state law under which the driver could be charged criminally for spilling loose material like nails on the roadway.

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